Delivering world class negotiation consulting and training services

What We Do

Negotiation Consulting

Deal specific, bespoke solutions, helping your team maximize their potential in any negotiation. Employing our rigorous 8 step negotiation process along with tried and tested behavioral frameworks and our decades worth of real world commercial negotiation experience, we consistently exceed our clients expectations.

Negotiation Workshops

Negotiation / LV1

Flexible, 1-4 hour interactive negotiation seminar, intended for large audiences of 50ppl+. Designed to give an introduction into the fundamental theories, behaviors and strategies of successful negotiations.

Negotiation / LV2

Structured 1 day program intended for groups under 12, designed for those in negotiation support roles. Provides a structured framework for planning, preparing and executing successful negotiations.

Negotiation / LV3

Intensive 2 day program, intended for small groups of 8ppl maximum, designed for those leading and executing high value, mission critical negotiations. Provides both a behavioral, structural and procedural framework for executing successful, complex negotiations.

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